AI and headhunting – let’s take an online journey to find that ideal candidate

Blog for QJumpers Recruitment Software published here: Kathryn Stewart - July 2019 So you’ve heard that AI is the future and that a large percentage of the workforce will be automated. Your company really needs a Software Developer to join your business and figure all this confusing stuff out for you. Let me take you on a recruitment candidate gathering mission and I’ve got a friend called Arnold Indigo (a tru

Recruiting Passive Candidates with Social Media

Blog published by QJumpers Recruitment Software here: Kathryn Stewart - July 2019 Are you miserable that Game of Thrones is over and wondering how you will ever get your Arya Stark fix now? Maisie Williams (aka Arya) – are you planning on doing a prequal/sequel/anything that can give us a glimmer of hope that there’s more to come?! Well to be honest, Maisie Williams has been quite busy co-founding a so