QJumpers NZ Blog - Employee onboarding document software - like a box of chocolates

Now that I’ve got your attention… saving a lot of time, effort and paper is the same feeling that you get from chocolate don’t you think? Not really? Processing all the paperwork for your new employee is significantly time consuming. QJumpers can streamline this document process for your business with our new Employment Agreement Functionality that generates and receives completed employment documents. By automating this process entirely online we can free you up to fo

AI and headhunting – let’s take an online journey to find that ideal candidate

Blog for QJumpers Recruitment Software published here: Kathryn Stewart - July 2019 So you’ve heard that AI is the future and that a large percentage of the workforce will be automated. Your company really needs a Software Developer to join your business and figure all this confusing stuff out for you. Let me take you on a recruitment candidate gathering mission and I’ve got a friend called Arnold Indigo (a tru

Recruiting Passive Candidates with Social Media

Blog published by QJumpers Recruitment Software here: Kathryn Stewart - July 2019 Are you miserable that Game of Thrones is over and wondering how you will ever get your Arya Stark fix now? Maisie Williams (aka Arya) – are you planning on doing a prequal/sequel/anything that can give us a glimmer of hope that there’s more to come?! Well to be honest, Maisie Williams has been quite busy co-founding a so