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  • Kathryn Stewart

AI and headhunting – let’s take an online journey to find that ideal candidate

Blog for QJumpers Recruitment Software published here:

Kathryn Stewart - July 2019

So you’ve heard that AI is the future and that a large percentage of the workforce will be automated. Your company really needs a Software Developer to join your business and figure all this confusing stuff out for you. Let me take you on a recruitment candidate gathering mission and I’ve got a friend called Arnold Indigo (a truly talented Recruiter in QJumpers) who’s going to come along for the ride and help us out.

So hmm, recruiting a Software Developer, well let’s advertise the job on Seek and TradeMe because that’s what everyone does. LinkedIn too, because that’s where the professionals ‘hang out’. Crikey, there are a lot of job applications to screen, most aren’t even in NZ and don’t have a work visa. Ok we need a NZ based, Software Developer with a work visa - where are these people because they’re just not answering our adverts. Are they too busy? Are they just not job searching?

New strategy - we go specialist (and wipe out the recruitment budget doing so) - IT job boards, IT Specialist Recruitment Agencies and advertise in software publications and websites. The Experts reply that it may take quite a bit of time to find these people and did we mind waiting for 6 months? Also, a retainer up front would be awesome thanks.

Ok so we need to do this ourselves, who knows how much AI will progress in 6 months! Engage Social Media searching - there are quite a few in LinkedIn, Arnold can you please grab them? I’m sure you’re aware that LinkedIn is one of the best social media sites to access passive candidates, especially in New Zealand where there can be a perception that it’s for passive job searching. LinkedIn revolutionised the headhunting space around 10 years ago and essentially wiped out the majority of Head Hunter firms. Companies can do a certain amount of head hunting now themselves thanks to Linkedin - if they know how to! So, we’ve got a lot from Linkedin, Facebook … there are a few more. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat… hmm some. We’ll gather those too.

I’m still not happy with this selection of potential candidates, let’s branch out another tier in our search. Online development groups, gaming – I bet we can find some on Fortnite or the most recent game sweeping online. Millennials are hanging out on social channels playing games and building their digital footprint - not looking for jobs according to Tamer Rafla, founder and CEO of the gamification company Klujo. Websites, communities, blogs, online communities – these people socialise online according to every stereotype existing about IT people. If only we could hack into Uber Eats! We’ve got loads from gaming and online communities - gather all of those cool profiles please Arnold!

How about Software Developers already in your industry – let’s visit competitors’ websites, screen company information and publications for names… excellent, we have a lot there too. How about we just check the entire internet, just for jokes, Arnold do your magic and get to work!

Now I can collate all this information we’ve gathered about these excellent candidates, shortlist the desirable ones, contact them all with the job opportunity and then manage the responses that return. Shouldn’t take long, after all I’m a Recruitment and HR whizz with epic Excel Spreadsheet and Mail Merge skills!

Several weeks later I have a shortlist of candidates that have met your criteria and are keen on your job. I lost a few candidates along the way because it took me a while to manually go through their applications though and it’s a candidate’s market - good Software Developers don’t stick around these days.

This is where my friend QJumper’s Arnold Indigo (his nickname is AI by the way) taps you on the shoulder and says,

“I gathered you this list from the internet instantly, shortlisted the relevant people and contacted them all. Here are 5 excellent NZ based, Software Developers who are keen to learn more about your company (by the way I’ve already directed them to your company website to check it out).”

“Arnold! Well, why didn’t you say so! All those searches, all those mail merges!” I exclaim.

“Well you never asked, my service was available all along.” If an AI could roll his/her/it’s eyes I bet it would have. Nice one Arnold, you’re a keeper. I’d buy you coffee if it didn’t mess with your wiring.

QJumpers provides the AI search function for FREE alongside your job listing. This will give you access to an immediate talent pool of passive candidates to approach alongside direct applications to the advert. Don’t pass this amazing opportunity up!

For further details please visit our website or contact us.

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