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Feeling Low? Try the 30-Day Positive Mindset Challenge


10th August 2021

Feeling Low? Try the 30-Day Positive Mindset Challenge

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty local Rachelle Hawes has launched her 30-Day Positive Mindset Challenge online and it’s receiving great reviews. Initially created for schools, the programme has found a solid following with individuals as well as businesses planning their employment wellbeing programmes.

With a one-off purchase cost of $75.00 this Programme provides value for money because it’s packed with tools and techniques for creating a happier life. Hawes believes that everyone has the right to happiness so she has also included a permanent ‘Buy One, Gift One’ offer to help people gain access to the Programme, regardless of their financial situation.

We all understand that maintaining a positive mindset will improve your life overall. However, there is ‘well-being fatigue’ in New Zealand with people on edge and unsure how to improve their lives. To be fair, it is hard to be positive and proactive about our mindset and future during a worldwide pandemic. We are safe from Covid19 at present but we are also stifled by fear and the inability to make any significant plans due to the constantly changing landscape. It could also be suggested that Kiwis are suffering PTSD after the challenges of 2020/2021 with raised levels of depression and anxiety.

Search for well-being programmes online and there are many available but the choice is overwhelming, especially if you’re not feeling great. Don’t be fooled, if you believe that anyone could generate a video series and launch a programme as an effective self-help programme then reconsider. Hawes’ point of difference in her 30-Day Positive Mindset Challenge is that it took a lot of research, work and time to develop the course including teaching based on scientifically proven and world-renowned methods. There are credible instructions with tools and techniques addressing important mental wellbeing issues that guide you through developing strategies to deal with them. The 30-day Positive Mindset Challenge will give you a solid foundation of increased mental and general wellbeing with tools that you can apply in your daily life.

“This 30-day Positive Mindset Challenge is a summary of the best-of-the-best of what I have studied, tried and tested. The methods are scientifically proven, substantiated and highly regarded throughout the world. They will lift you from your own feelings of negativity, anxiety, depression or hopelessness and show you the way to greater happiness and a more fulfilling life.”

Rachelle Hawes, creator of the 30-Day Positive Mindset Challenge.

If you are trapped inside on a cold wet day then put down the remote and sign up online to the 30-Day Positive Mindset Challenge. Thirty days is a small commitment to make in order to dramatically improve your mood and energy levels. Consider it your Positivity Advent Calendar with nuggets of wisdom and encouragement that will provide you with benefits long beyond the instant gratification of chocolate. You’ll view a short video of Hawes introducing the daily topic where she offers excellent suggestions that you can easily implement in your life. Just seeing Hawes’ smiling face alone will cheer you instantly as she encourages you to complete her Challenge for the day.

So many people in New Zealand are struggling with their general mental wellbeing. The 30-Day Positive Mindset Challenge will integrate world-renowned, positive mindset practices throughout the community and increase overall happiness, productivity and motivation during the cold and dark winter months. Invest in improving your mental health for just $75.00 and enjoy your daily treat of motivation and encouragement with Rachelle Hawes.


For further information please contact:

Rachelle Hawes

Founder and Director of the 30-Day Positive Mindset Challenge

Phone: 027 6836 777



The 30-Day Positive Mindset Challenge is a programme designed for people to work through 30 days of learning and motivation via the App (Teachable) or online. The cost per is $75.00 for an individual (or classroom). Each purchase will unlock a 'Buy One, Gift One’ option where you can choose to gift the Programme to a friend/family member/school classroom (or Hawes’ team will allocate it to someone in need).

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