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  • Kathryn Stewart

Hydraulic Quick Coupler Case Study

The Oasis Engineering Hydraulic Quick Coupler series is a stainless steel, spill-less coupling system suitable for petroleum fuel transfer or in a variety of food and dairy applications. Individual components are precisely machined and spring-loaded poppets ensure clean contact resulting in zero leakage even from the pressurised line. Flow is permitted in both directions and operating temperature depends on the choice of O-ring material; depending on application Oasis can manufacture a solution to operate in an environment between -40 to +120 degrees centigrade.

A New Zealand based client of Oasis Engineering that is currently using the Oasis Hydraulic Quick Couplers is Cuddon Freeze Dry. Based in Blenheim, Marlborough, Cuddon Freeze Dry manufactures a range of conductive batch freeze-drying machines. From 5.5kg to 1500kg ice condenser capacity, their freeze-drying machines are used for a range of applications from small pilot research plants to large commercial multi-dryer industrial operations. They have over 50 years’ experience in sublimation solutions with a strong worldwide reputation.

Freeze dry applications are typically used for food processing, dairy products, cultures and starters, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals/biological active ingredients, water extraction from damaged documents, drying flowers and taxidermy. It is also the only process where you can actually dry ice cream! Catch up with Cuddon’s at one of the many trade shows they attend and sample their freeze dried ice cream – it’s definitely an experience!

Cuddon Freeze Dry is a division of Cuddon Limited, a family owned business that has been in existence for over 80 years. The other divisions are Engineering, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Water Engineering. Engineering is predominantly a sheet metal fabrication shop, but they also have the capability to CNC machine their own components.

The decision to use the Oasis Engineering Hydraulic Quick Coupler resulted from Cuddon Freeze Dry’s requirement to source precision made product which complemented their own design strengths. Over time, the open working relationship between Cuddon Freeze Dry and Oasis Engineering has resulted in the continued development of the Hydraulic Quick Coupler series.

Oasis Hydraulic Quick Couplers are used in the flow of glycol or temper through the Heat Transfer System (HTF) piping and chamber module shelves. Cuddon’s largest freeze dryer, the “FD1500” can remove 1,500kgs of moisture in a 24-hour period by sublimating the ice from the client’s frozen product and ‘catching’ the vapour on the ice coil, located in the bottom of the chamber. This removal of moisture from the product dries (or dehydrates) the product (food etc) without heating it, and hence it retains the enzymes, nutrients, structure, colour and taste. This why freeze dry products are so valuable for health benefits. Some products can then be further processed into powders (like those used in tablets & pills).

Cuddon Freeze Dry products are sold worldwide and must meet a raft of compliance requirements (including varying food safety, electrical and refrigeration standards) so they are often made to order depending on the country of purchase. There are standard models available, however each unit can be customised to cater for individual customer requirements. Particularly where clients are constrained by space, need special shelf spacing or product handling, or need integration with existing client systems. Cuddon have a dedicated team (including designers) who work with the client to meet their individual requirements and develop a detailed specification for their client’s turnkey package. The Cuddon offering includes building the freeze dryer to the User Specification, shipping, installation, commissioning and training and a 12-month warranty. Cuddon then support that dryer for life from their Service Desk based in Blenheim.

For further information about Oasis Engineering’s Hydraulic Quick Couplers products please refer to our websiteor contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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