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  • Kathryn Stewart

Kat Comms - Commercial and Professional Writer

I’ve been in business for over three years now. To me that is an awesome milestone because I’ve lasted longer working on my own business compared to working as an employee for others. Yes I’ve started over again several times due to Covid (and all the associated lockdowns and market uncertainty) and juggled family life around my business. But hey, I’m still standing and just as happy.

With new (ish) branding; some promotional items on the way; a revamp of my website/profiles; and a concerted effort to post regularly on Social Media I’m now ready to let loose on the world (again) and grow my business further.

If you need assistance with any type of online/offline writing or communication services from merely proofreading/editing right through to new content creation then do get in touch with me. I love learning about new projects!

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