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  • Kathryn Stewart

My written checklist made the NZ Herald!

PD Insurance's six steps to keep pets safe over Guy Fawkes

1) If you plan on having fireworks post a notice in neighbourhood online groups so your neighbours are forewarned. Perhaps even distribute a leaflet into neighbourhood letterboxes.

2) Create a safe pet space inside that's dark, enclosed and filled with comforting things. Bring pets here, then close the doors and draw the blinds. Cover outdoor aviaries with a tarpaulin.

3) Help your pet relax with distractions, treats or calming sprays/wraps. Your local pet store or vet can provide you with great options for your furry family member.

4) Try to stay calm, even though it's distressing to see your pet upset and scared. They take their cues from you so reassure them in a comforting manner that they are always safe with you.

5) There's always a risk your animal may bolt so ensure they're microchipped and tagged with your contact details. Take photos, especially of unique marks/fur patterns to help others identify them if needed later.

6) Always keep your dog on a lead during this period, unless inside, and try to walk them in the morning of Guy Fawkes so they're happy to bunker down later in the day.

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