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Online Information for Oasis Products

Blog for Oasis Engineering by Kathryn Stewart.

Engineers are renowned for figuring manufacturing processes out themselves. Their enquiring brains analyse, dismantle, reconfigure and redevelop manufacturing processes. They are always asking "WHY", not philosophically, but physically. But Professional Engineers that Oasis work with are always asking why - philosophically AND physically.

Oasis Engineering appreciate these qualities in others so we trust our clients’ knowledge and experience to access information, installation and servicing documentation online via our Resources page. It provides a wealth of information on our products with a variety of learning mediums provided to support different learning styles.   

Customers can undertake a process that enables them to conduct complete servicing of Oasis products on site. This is a vital resource during situations like lockdowns because it helps them to conduct quick and safe servicing to their equipment. By completing this on site without having to return products to the manufacturer our clients are then protected from shipping delays, additional transportation costs, plant downtime and potential Covid19 contact risk by external engineers entering their premises. 

Online options available:

Specification Sheets

Information about materials, products specifications, features/benefits, diagrams and dimensions. Ideal for quick queries and to keep on file. 

Instruction Manuals

Comprehensive list of instruction manuals and information with step by step diagrams. 


Oasis videos on YouTube will demonstrate the parts and process if you’re a visual learner. 


A picture says a thousand words, but on our resources page they’re all about CNG/NGV. We can send images of other parts as required. 

We’re engineers at Oasis always asking ‘WHY” too. So we want to help our customers streamline their installations, service and replacement processes with our Oasis parts to save you time and money (and prevent Covid19 risk). 

Contact us now to discuss this further or if you would like further information uploaded to our Resources page

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