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Recruitment & HR Services to Partner Your Business

There’s real freedom for you and your business in outsourcing to the QJumper’s Recruitment/HR Services team!

Blog for QJumpers Recruitment Software published here:

Kathryn Stewart, July 2019

Are you a Business Owner/Manager whose time would be better spent on doing what you do best? Do you find recruitment an unnecessary evil that you must do, but would much rather be doing the fun stuff!

Or, are you a busy HR Professional (HR = SO busy! We understand), who is neck deep in creating new HR Policy and suddenly you need to drop everything you’re doing to urgently replace a business-critical staff member?

If only you could outsource part (or the whole) of the process to experienced Recruiters and HR Professionals who know their stuff, without receiving that jaw dropping placement fee from Recruitment Agencies.

Well guess what? You can - without a massive bill at the end! We’re all trying to cut costs and run lean in the business sector. Recruitment agencies are outside the reach of some organisations so we’re now offering you unbundled recruitment and HR services that you can utilise around your QJumpers job listing.

“I really need 1 job advert written, a quick filter on the applications, only 3 references (because I want to contact the others directly) and perhaps personality testing?” Sure, says QJumpers – give us a call or send us an email and we can do that for you. Job done.

Please just help with the interviews because I’m not sure how to interview people properly, we have the other parts sorted.” Not a problem, we’ll be in touch to arrange this with you shortly.

QJumpers can offer you Recruitment and HR support in a variety of ways. Often these relate to your recruitment process, choosing where to advertise, how to write a job ad or management of an employee. Our Consultants can work with you to determine your needs and provide you with a suitable solution. We’ve listed most services available to you below however you are welcome to call us with any specific needs.

You can rest assured that your vacancy is being reviewed by experienced and skilled professionals who have a very strong background in recruitment and human resources (more on these ladies at the end). They will also stay in regular contact with you throughout the filtering process to ensure your recruitment needs are met, we’re all about ongoing communication and honest feedback.

Recruitment Options

Job Advert Writing

So you’ve seen all those advert on job boards and think “I can do that, easy”. Then you try to write the advert and you either write too much (super hard to scroll through on your phone) or too little (you still need details for people to want to apply).

Another important part of job advert writing to keep in mind is the shape/format of the advert. Candidates read job adverts in a ‘F shaped’ pattern - it’s quite a common strategic online marketing principle that’s commonly used on webpages. Writing adverts in the same format helps your job listing get the important details across quickly.

Then there are the adverts that have weird job titles! Feel free to use creative job titles in-house but when you’re advertising a job they’re not going to translate well for searches: are Windscreen Replacers really going to search for Vision Clearance Engineer? Do the search filters accommodate ‘Family Environs Upkeep Manager’ (housekeeper/maid/mum/dad)? Just FYI - these came from a very funny list of job titles if you want to vamp up your own title.

Seriously, leave the job writing to the experts at QJumpers because we know what to include and more importantly what the legal requirements require so your advert isn’t accidently discriminatory).

We can also load the advert onto QJumpers for you for a small fee.

Filter or Shortlist Services

Do you have a large response to your job listing on QJumpers and don’t want to dedicate hours of your precious time reading all those CVs? Or do you just want someone else who knows what they’re doing to manage it all? There are much easier options available to you depending on your requirements and budget.

We can provide the following services:

- Filter Provide us with 3 key criteria you wish your job applicants to have (skills, experience, qualifications, etc), and then we will manually screen them all.

- Filter+ provides more candidate vetting where an experienced QJumpers Consultant will contact them directly for further details.

- Shortlist where an experienced QJumpers Consultant will screen, interview shortlisted candidates on the telephone, present you with the top applicants and arrange interviews between you.


You need to understand that there are loads of sneaky tricks to look out for in job applications and our team know them all: for example, people pretending to already be in the country when they’re not. We have screened and filtered millions of CVs (I’m not exaggerating, we really have) throughout our careers and can do a comprehensive job presenting you with only the top options. This will save you so much time and frustration, we promise!


Our consultants can check the performance history of prospective candidates and gain an insight to how they fit into an organisation. We will verify behaviours (and skills if required) in the workplace and then provide you with valuable information from your applicants' referees. Our consultants are experienced in asking the RIGHT questions and really listening to what the referees say.

QJumper’s extremely clever Global HR Manager Annette Weatherall will be writing an article shortly about the value of verbal references compared to written/emailed ones. She’ll be making a very strong case that using experienced reference checkers who ask the right questions who can gauge nuances in the referee’s replies will uncover much more information about a candidate than a carefully constructed (and minimal) email reply. It’s very hard to get rid of bad hires so make sure your due diligence is thorough - references are a very important part of this process.

Let us help you put a team together that works for you.

Other recruitment checks:

- Our MOJ Criminal Checks can be completed within 5 days (the usual ones take months).

- Credit checks are essential for financial roles and helpful if you have any concerns about a candidate’s financial situation.

- Drug/alcohol testing – don’t risk your business’s Health and Safety record with a drug user.

- Medical checks if needed.

QJumpers are looking to introduce further checks to our services including ACC, Driver Licence and Work Visas. If you have any requirements that we haven’t covered here please feel free to approach us about them, we’re flexible like that!

HR Services

Position Descriptions

Position descriptions are an essential part of any organisation. We can assist with writing or reviewing your position descriptions to make sure that you recruit the right candidate and have clear expectations of your employee. We can even shape them in a way to motivate your existing staff.


Having well-structured remuneration and benefits in place for your team can not only be motivating for employees but it can also help to reduce staff turnover. QJumpers can provide you with advice on:

Advice on remuneration and retention of employeesMarket ratesSalary packaging

Assessments and Psychometric Profiling

QJumpers works with Talegent and Extended DISC profiling systems. Let us know what you need to discover in potential candidates and we will use the perfect system to meet those requirements and explain what the results mean - we’re qualified to do that.

Workplace Inductions

We have a partnership with a supplier who specialises in workplace inductions. Add it into the onboarding process of your role through QJumpers and make sure you are covered.

Interviews – Panel and Employee Exit Interviews

Independent reports can be provided on candidates in your interview process.

Capturing the knowledge and feedback of an employee before they leave your business is integral to future health of your organisation. Regardless of the reason an employee leaves your business it’s important to have a plan in place to manage their departure. QJumpers can conduct exit interviews on your behalf to objectively capture the knowledge and feedback of your employees. People who are leaving feel awkward talking to existing staff managers, even if they’re from a different team. They are likely to disclose more to an independent consultant who can phrase their comments in a constructive and professional way therefore not burn any bridges on the way out.

Policy Development and Manuals

HR policies and procedures provide a clear and objective set of guidelines by which to manage your people. They should be compliant with the law and create a fair and professional culture for your managers and employees by making all the rules clear.

HR policies and procedures include:

Leave policiesCounselling and grievance proceduresCode of conduct Travel and expenditureEmployment manualsHealth and Safety manuals

Employee Job Satisfaction Surveys

We all know that a productive employee increases profits - so employee satisfaction is integral to a successful business. QJumpers can conduct independent and objective surveys to help you find out how satisfied and engaged your employees are. After consultation with you we will tailor a survey to suit your needs. At the completion of the survey we will also present you with the results and verbatim comments. We can also recommend ways to improve the satisfaction and engagement of your team. In this skills shortage it’s essential to retain your experienced team and this is in excellent way of engaging with them.

Performance Management

Setting clear expectations and key performance indicators, reviewing performance, providing feedback, rewarding success and when required taking disciplinary action is all part of an effective performance management framework. Done well, performance management can result in an effective, happy team. Done poorly it can result in a team of disgruntled employees.

QJumpers will consult with you to put together an effective performance management plan for your business that includes:

Job Design and Job Descriptions

Development of performance appraisals

Setting of KPI’s/targets

Assistance with management of under-performing staff

Employment Relations

Employment Agreements (permanent, fixed term, casual and contractor)

Handling misconduct,managing poor performance

Disciplinary/Dismissal procedures

Ad hoc advice on all employment legislation such as parental leave, bereavement leave etc.

Our HR Consultant – Annette Weatherall

Annette heads up our team of talented consultants. For over 25 years she has been helping businesses recruit the right people, build better teams and improve staff performance. Working with companies to assist them with their HR and recruitment requirements is her absolute passion!

Her career has seen her work with companies of all sizes throughout New Zealand and Australia. She joined the QJumpers team around 12 years ago as their Senior Consultant and since then has assisted companies throughout New Zealand with a variety of HR requirements from exit interviews and restructures to recruiting CEOs, Sales staff and everything in between.

Our Recruitment Consultant – Kathryn Stewart

Kathryn has worked in recruitment for over 12 years in both the UK and NZ and loves finding the perfect employees for her clients. She has a strong recruitment administration background along with a MA in English Literature to help compose engaging job adverts for you. Her recruitment experience covers a wide range of industries and she has a strong knowledge of the NZ commercial sector.

Want to save your precious time and money on recruitment? Outsource your HR/Recruitment tasks to the experienced team at QJumpers and let these professionals conduct the tasks for you comprehensively and professionally. Give us a call, what have you got to lose?

For further details around HR and Recruitment Services to supplement your QJumper’s job listing please CONTACT QJumpers and ask for Annette.

Or you can email us directly at or

Want to try QJumpers recruitment software? We have an amazing AI search function for those hard to find, passive candidates – try it for free HERE.

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