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  • Kathryn Stewart

Swivel Part Options for Fuel Tanker Hosing

We’re sure that you’ve passed a fuel tanker truck on the road, they’ve been even more noticeable recently with the lack of traffic around!  

Oasis Engineering are an essential supplier of Swivels to New Zealand fuel companies delivering petroleum products throughout the country. Our swivel parts are utilised by companies manufacturing new tanker trucks and trailers as well as compliance and servicing businesses to ensure safe fuel transfer from tanker trucks to service stations.

Oasis Engineering’s specially designed Brass Swivel Unions and Z Swivel products are an integral part of road fuel tanker hoses and enable connection of the Elaflex  ZVA dispenser nozzle assembly. Both swivel types provide safety and comfort to the operator whilst fuel is being transferred from the tanker truck to a site storage tank, construction equipment, or anywhere access is required to fuel products.

Proper hose routing means accommodating machine motion without overly stressing the hose and letting it abrade against other hoses and machine components. If not set up correctly the hoses can prematurely fail resulting in leaks, machine damage, downtime, costly environmental contamination along with potential harm to people.

For maximum safety and performance Oasis initially design, manufacture and test the Swivels in-house to perform this critical task without incurring risk to the highly combustable petroleum environment. Once Oasis swivels are fitted to the vehicles’ hose assemblies they then continue to perform for many years in demanding environments with variable weather; temperature; vibrations; operator handling and pressure factors. Therefore our Product Design team consider all these factors when undertaking initial design of the products.

Z Swivels are suitable in low-pressure applications, hose reels, fuel nozzles and pump to hose connections. They are designed for low pressure applications, are highly customisable and the smooth action swivel allows hoses to align themselves for easy use. 

Brass Swivel Unions are suitable in low-pressure applications, hose reels, fuel nozzles, pump to hose connections and hot bitumen lines. Also designed for low pressure applications, they are highly customisable. Standard end connections can be replaced with tube weld, swaged hose tail or different standardised thread options. 

For further information about fuel tanker swivel options please contact Paul Stewart - New Zealand Sales Technical Engineer on 021 364190 or

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