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  • Kathryn Stewart

‘Time is Another Lover’ – Haunting new single released by James Reid from 'the feelers'.

As reviewed by Kathryn Stewart, April 2017.


One of New Zealand’s iconic performers and lead singer/songwriter of ‘The feelers’ James Reid is back with a new single “Time is Another Lover’. After phenomenal successes with ‘The feelers’ and release of his debut solo album ‘Saint’ he is charting new emotional territory working on his second solo album.

Everyone knows Reid’s voice - you hear it everywhere! His music has entwined itself throughout NZ culture for over 20 years in advertising, sports promotions and political campaigns as well as being a well-loved, solid staple of NZ’s home grown music scene.

Reid's first solo album 'Saint' signalled a significant departure from ‘The feelers’ brand of music into a more indie, acoustic sound. The young rockstar from Battle of the Bands in the silver suit in ‘Supersystem’ has grown up and his music has developed too into a self-aware and thoughtful style.

His new release 'Time is another lover' develops this further by focussing on Reid’s common relationship themes of love and loss. Lovers (and time) do try to get away from you and the pain of this is clearly communicated in his haunting single. His refrain ‘So I fall’ can be interpreted many ways which is what Reid intends. He would like people to draw from his music whatever they wish rather than give the actual meaning of the song. This is arguably an element of his success so far - people can experience his music through their own feelings and experience.

We've watched the frontman of the feelers James Reid evolve and change and now we're hearing a musician who has had the rough edges knocked off him by life and fame and is acknowledging his weaknesses for all to see.

Reid has the iconic ‘Tour of the Titans’ concerts this summer and the release of ‘Time is another Lover’ along with his new solo album so be prepared to hear his voice everywhere again! New music just in time for those lazy summer days and cold drinks, I bet you can’t wait!

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